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If you want to gain the top Facebook advertising talent without paying the premium agency fees, hiring an independent Facebook advertising expert might just be the right thing for you.

With Madis you can execute Fortune 500 level Facebook ad campaigns, bringing you mean results in a lean way. No more guesswork, no headaches and no more anxiety when managing Facebook ads - Madis takes that out of the equation.

Plus, no more arm’s-length relationship, like with an agency, but it feels as if it was done in-house. Without all of the agency BS. It’s your One-Man-Growth-Team. Madis is a lean, mean, growth-focused Facebook advertising plug-in to your existing A-team. Facebook advertising expert integrable into your winning strategy. Enabling you to achieve the best Facebook advertising results.

Madis has unparalleled expertise with Facebook ads. He audited over 2,000 campaigns, conducted 352 hours in Coaching Sessions, generated millions of $ in revenue. How many people in the World can claim this much experience and expertise? Probably not enough to fill a small room.

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what are others saying about working with madis?

Madis’ insight and enthusiasm has been a great resource for our social media team. His recommendations have made marked improvements in the effectiveness of our ad spend and overall digital strategy.

I would highly recommend him as a valuable resource to anyone looking to refine their social media marketing strategies.

Rachel Neimeyer

Social Media Specialist, O'Reilly Automotive
When I first began working with Madis, the foundation of our Facebook Ads targeting wasn't quite dialled in. Not only did he provide a foundational education for this kind of work, he helped me to build off that knowledge so I could run successful campaigns on my own.

Madis instilled the confidence I needed to run Facebook campaigns for a billion-dollar brand.

Allison Dunsmore

Sr. Specialist, Branding, Banfield Pet Hospital
Madis truly has his finger on the pulse with Facebook, Instagram and digital advertising in general. Most standard agency staff only handle half a dozen clients and these are usually in the same industry niche or location so it's rare for them to see the big picture. Madis is different. He has done a deep dive audit of over 1,000 Facebook and Instagram campaigns from all over the world in a range of B2B and B2C sectors.

Paul Fairbrother

Head Of Education, AdEspresso


Are you looking to grow your company using Facebook ads (incl. Instagram, Messenger, etc.)? While wanting to have a lean marketing team? Madis can help.

Madis is a Facebook advertising expert integrable into your team. You can accelerate 🚀 the growth 📈 of your company in the following ways:
Coaching SessionsFacebook Account AuditsBuilding Chatbots1:1 MentoringAd CopywritingFacebook Ads Management

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